Sustainability is Woven into Our Business

At FIBRA Prologis, our business practices are driven by environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance (ESG), which we believe not only strengthens our relationships with customers, investors, employees, but also with the communities in which we do business.

Our Connection to Prologis

Backed by a Leader in Logistics Real Estate

Over the last four decades, Prologis has embedded environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance (ESG) practices across their business. Through their focus on sustainable buildings and investments into industry-leading innovation and technology, supports customers, communities, employees and shareholders while addressing many of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Prologis was ranked in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list published by Corporate Knights for the 12th year – a brand differentiator driven by ESG. In addition, Prologis (through affiliates) was the first logistics real estate company globally to issue green bonds, tying a financial benefit to the business related to ESG progress.

After exceeding the original greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal four years early, Prologis further demonstrated industry leadership by becoming the first logistics real estate company with an approved Science Based Target (SBT).

Driven to Reduce Costs and Energy Emissions


LEED building certifications


Of the FIBRA portfolio had LED lighting installed by the end of 2020


Increase in volume of space covered by cool or reflective roofing material since 2017

Source: 2020 ESG Report

Initiatives in Action

Prologis operates one common ESG platform across all its entities, including FIBRA, that includes ESG principles, policies, goals, and monitoring systems. We at FIBRA Prologis, engage with employees and customers to reduce energy, water, and waste across our operations and portfolio. We believe that investing in these initiatives helps to strengthen the connections between our business and local communities while allowing us to thrive where we live and work.

Sustainable Design

At FIBRA Prologis, we continue to support the global goal of 100% sustainable design through several initiatives, including expanding on our existing 31 LEED building certifications by developing infrastructure that abides by the sustainable building standards and/or includes sustainable design features that are appropriate and in line with customer specifications.

Governing Responsibly

Our employees are regularly trained on our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, information security, global fraud prevention, Global Anti-Corruption and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. In addition to the trainings, we also prioritize the physical safety of our employees and customers. This ensures good governance and resiliency across the FIBRA Prologis business, employee base, and portfolio.

Engaging Communities

FIBRA Prologis is a valuable partner to the communities in which we operate. As with our operations, we work on continuous improvement of our communities. In 2020 we established a fund to which employees and suppliers could contribute to reward the exceptional people – cleaners, gardeners and security guards – who were instrumental in our ability to serve our customers. After raising nearly Ps. 250,000, we sent vouchers to 696 workers.


We believe safety is a foundation of our work and we have taken certain measures and implemented new safety features that prioritize the well-being of our employees and customers. For example, in 2020 we installed nearly 61,000 preventative fall safety devices for skylights to further protect those that work with us.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Our long-standing commitment to ESG has been evident since the 2014 FIBRA Prologis IPO. What began with the foundation of leading-edge governance has expanded into a broader focus on environmental stewardship, social responsibility and good governance (ESG)—all of which make us a leader in our industry.

Today, customers, investors, communities and employees of Prologis Property Mexico are increasingly focused on a range of ESG challenges. At the same time, stakeholders’ growing expectations for robust and innovative ESG programs and future-forward progress are making this aspect of our business increasingly critical to our success. By drawing on the power of our unique assets and capabilities, we are working together to build a more sustainable future. We are catalyzing the adoption of energy-efficient technologies; incorporating new sustainable building practices; and formulating a solid plan for economic growth. We create value for our business by driving innovation, deepening relationships, reducing capital costs, expanding our value proposition and bolstering our position as an employer of choice.

Goals and Progress

We believe ESG represents a long-term investment that strengthens our operations, enhances our competitive positioning, improves risk management and attracts and engages top talent. As responsible corporation, we recognize that it falls upon us to make positive contributions.

2020 ESG Achievements

  • Helped our customers, employees, communities and investors navigate the pandemic.
  • Acquired 4 million square feet of buildings with sustainability certifications.
  • Issuance of USD $375 million green bond—the first of its kind by a publicly traded Mexican real estate company.
  • Installed 12.2 million square feet of LED coverage lighting.
  • Though the Prologis Foundation, donated Ps. 4.0 million in food or food coupons to families affected by the pandemic.
  • 447 volunteer hours.
  • Significantly expanded ESG engagement with investors and customers.
  • Construction of the second floor of a medical clinic in Tepotzotlan, north of Mexico City.
  • Achieved 100% completion of ethics training for all active employees, including FCPA training for non-U.S. colleagues.

FIBRA Prologis Recognition