Who We Are

Capitalizing on Future Growth in Mexico

Fibra Prologis is a leading real estate investment trust (REIT) located in one of Latin America’s largest economies. We’re focused on acquiring, owning and managing Class-A logistics and manufacturing facilities. Our strong relationship with Prologis Inc., a leading American developer, enables us to capitalize on future growth by acquiring high-quality properties strategically located in Mexico’s most desirable markets.

Why Fibra Prologis? Why Mexico?

Fibra Prologis at a Glance

$4.9B US

Total assets as of December 31, 2023


Total square footage of Class-A logistics and manufacturing spaces to meet customer needs, as well as demand drivers of trade, consumption and supply chain reconfiguration.

235 Facilities

Class-A logistics and manufacturing facilities, of which about 60% are located in consumption-driven markets and about 40% are located in manufacturing-driven markets.


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Strategically-located Logistics Real Estate

Class-A logistics and manufacturing facilities, of which about 70% are located in consumption-driven markets and about 30% are located in manufacturing-driven markets. Our markets include:


  • Ciudad Juárez
  • Reynosa
  • Tijuana


  • Guadalajara
  • Mexico City
  • Monterrey
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High-quality Assets

Our highly-functional and well-located Class-A industrial facilities are built to international state-of-the-art specifications with roughly 81 percent of them located in master-planned industrial park settings.

Strategic Locations

Our portfolio is designed to capitalize on its locations via attractive infrastructure, deep labor markets and access to large concentrations of population and transportation and communication networks

Our Key Differentiators

The quality of our properties combined with our portfolio scale is a small part of the bigger picture that we believe distinguishes us from our competitors in Mexico.

Focused Investment Strategy

  • Own irreplaceable industrial real estate in Mexico
  • Investing in the six most dynamic markets
  • Consumption and e-commerce drive incremental growth
  • Proprietary access to acquire Prologis development pipeline

Irreplaceable Portfolio1

  • An average age of 18.1 years
  • 98.7% Class-A/A+ buildings
  • 88.7% of buildings located in master-planned parks

1. Source: FIBRA Prologis, CBRE, Bloomberg: Data as of December 31, 2023

Solid Track Record

  • Leadership team with over 32 years of experience
  • Consistent growth with stock return since IPO, as well as growth in FMV of total operating portfolio (including acquisitions) and growth in FMV of just the IPO portfolio

Strong Balance Sheet

  • Conservative leverage
  • Liquidity emphasis provides increased flexibility
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Our governance structure reflects a market-leading approach to corporate practices which considers the interests of our CBFI Holders while leveraging the relationship with Prologis, which has a strong record of best-in-class governance.

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An Unparalleled Management Team

An Unparalleled Management Team

Our management team has worked together for roughly 32 years and has notable experience operating publicly traded real estate entities in Mexico.

Management Team
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A Premier Sponsorship Based on Aligned Interests

Prologis is a leading owner, operator and developer of industrial real estate with investments in properties and development projects that total approximately 1.2 billion square feet in 19 countries and serving more than 6,700 customers.

Prologis has been investing in Mexico since 1997, making the company a valuable manager to Fibra Prologis. Their Mexican-based management team aligns with our belief that real estate is a fundamentally local business and best operated by local teams in each market.

Our strong relationship with Prologis places us in a position to better execute our strategies and deliver favorable results.

Prologis' Expertise

  • Leasing
  • Property management
  • Acquisitions
  • Development
  • Financing

Prologis’ Real Estate Investment Management

  • Acquisition
  • Development and management
  • Financing
  • Risk management